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Hi, here are some reviews about Royal Gorge Rafting. If you are thinking about making a trip to the Royal Gorge and are considering a white water rafting experience I hope you will find them useful. The reviews come from an independent website. Where the organisers name has been mentioned I have left it there for you to see.
At the bottom of the page I have also included links to some of the major outfits that organise trips. Whoever you choose to go with I know you will have loads of fun!

I recently rafted through the Royal Gorge with Royal Gorge Rafting and had the time of my life. Our guide Sean took excellent care of us and helped make the run a great one even though it was late in the season and the water was down. I look forward to making a return trip and will most definitely be using Royal Gorge Rafting when I do.
Perry. Mooreland, Oklahoma

You are in good hands from beginning to end with Royal Gorge Rafting! Get ready for the ride of your life with the perfect blend of thrill and safety! The experienced river guides suit you up in your safety gear, teach you all you need to know to guarantee an amazing ride, and off you go straight to the river!
Kelly Bishop. Parker, Colorado

I can't say enough good things about this place! The Royal Gorge raft trip was very cool - impressive enough for my college football player son who is not easily excited by much. The people are so friendly and helpful. We ate at the Whitewater Grill on site and it was so good and such a cool atmosphere we drove 10 miles back again the next day to eat there again. We have vacationed in many places and had lots of experiences, but this one will definitely remain a lifetime highlight. So much fun!
Lisa. Virginia

My husband and I, along with two friends, took the half day Gorge trip with Chris on August 10, 2010. I had narrowed down our choices to Royal Gorge Rafting and one other company. Did I ever make the right decision!! We've been rafting before with other companies but no one even comes close.. Our guide Chris made all the difference. He was awesome...and really made our trip exciting and fun..(.even providing some unexpected excitement for himself along the way!!) We plan on returning when the water is higher and will definitely be requesting Chris for our guide. I hope the owners know what a great guide they have in Chris. We really felt that the company wanted us to have a great trip and we didn't feel at all like we were just another "number". Everyone at Royal Gorge Rafting, from the receptionist, to the guide, to the kayaker/photographer was awesome! We also liked the fact that they have a great Bar & Grill onsite, where we enjoyed some cold "refreshments" while watching the video of our trip. If you're looking for a great rafting experience with awesome guides, look no further than Royal Gorge Rafting!!
Kwoellhof. Concordia. KS

I can sing enough praises for this wonderful company. They took incredible care of us, were absolutely hilarious and put us at ease, and taught us so much with clear, easy to follow instructions. Our guide especially, Chris, was such a pleasure to be around and learn from. I'll definitely return!
Mahorela. Denver, Colorado.

This group is amazing! Initially, we had booked the Big Horn but after seeing how low the river was, we decided we wanted something more exciting. So, we went over the day before our trip to try and switch our trip. Even though everything was already booked, they went out of their way to make sure that they could make it happen for us! We ended up getting to go on the Royal Gorge trip and had the most awesomest time ever!

We were lucky enough to have Jim, a very experienced guide who made us feel in control and safe! He introduced us to some amazing fun and even educated us during the short periods of time when the water was mild! We are a family of 4. My husband and I are in our 40's and our daughters are 15 and 18. None of us had any problems with the physical aspect of it all.
Yuman. Yuma, AZ

My 16 year old and I took the 1/2 day trip through Royal Gorge. The trip was run on time. Lost Paddle supplied everything but the drinks. Their guides are very experienced and a lot of fun. My son and I have been on several other rafting trips and he thought this one was the best. In July, the water was lower and warmer - I understand if you want high water you should come in late May and early June.
Houston Family. Houston, Texas

Awesome - awesome - awesome! What a great time we had on the all day rafting trip with Lost Paddle! The staff was all very friendly and helpful, and our guide was great and had a lot of experience. It was so much fun! And, we were treated to a fantastic lunch! I would definitely recommend this company if you are thinking of going on a whitewater rafting trip in the area. I can see why this company is rated so high!
HelenN018. Wisconsin

We had a wonderful first rafting experience! My 11 yr. old son, my husband, and I all went. My son was nervous at first but he ended up loving it! He was wishing we could have gone on one of the longer trips. We booked the Splash & Dash trip which was perfect for us beginners. Our guide was really nice and the other people on our trip were nice too. We bought one of the pictures that were taken of our trip down the river and we just love it. Now that we have a little experience rafting we will definitely go on another trip! I would recommend taking a rafting trip it's fun!

I have worked on the river in the past as a photographer. In doing so I was able to watch each and every company, and guide, go down various parts of the river. Whitewater Adventure Outfitters was consistently the best. I was not affiliated with any of the rafting companies, and when I wanted to go rafting I could choose whomever I wanted. I always chose Whitewater Adventure Outfitters. Why? They have the lowest turnover, and therefore have the most experienced guides. Every company has some good, experienced guides. Whitewater Adventure Outfitters is well stocked with good and experienced guides. You won't be disappointed.
MntClimber. Colorado Springs.

My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time on our half day rafting trip through the Royal Gorge with WAO. The staff and guides were all extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled. This allowed us to have a great time on our trip! I can't wait to return this summer and plan on going with WAO again!
Shabellah. Pueblo, Colorado.

Here are some links to a few of the outfits that organise Royal Gorge Rafting on the Arkansas River.

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