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Enjoy Rhine River Castles Walking The Rheinsteig Trail

The Rheinsteig Trail is the best of the Rhine Gorge walks. It is a marked walk that follows the eastern side of the Rhine River for 320 kilometres between the German cities of Weisbaden and Bonn.
The route stays very close to the river for nearly its whole length and avoids roads and built up areas in favour of trails and paths.

The trail is broken up into 23 different sections and, although it is a fantastic experience, it is not always an easy hike. The rocky paths and steep slopes which can make up part of the route can sometimes be very challenging.
However, as you follow the path along hills covered with immaculate vineyards, or through cool, deep forests, all that will be on your mind is the beauty of your surroundings.

But don`t expect to be alone on much of this trail.

The Rhine valley in Germany is one of Europe`s most popular holiday destinations with thousands of people taking river boat cruises and enjoying the hiking trails. But the sights you will see and enjoy on your walk through this part of historic Germany will more than make up for having to say "Guten Tag" a few dozen times every day.

To do all 23 stages of the Rheinsteig Trail in one vacation would be beyond most hikers. It seems that what a lot of walkers do is complete the whole trail, but over a number of different visits.

What you may like to do is hike the eight stages between Rudesheim and Koblenz. That is a distance of about 73 miles.
This is the section that passes through the Rhine Gorges and is by far the most picturesque part of the whole trail. You could build an amazing vacation seeing the stunning castles, vineyards and towns as you enjoy the beauty of the pathways through the forests and vineyards on the slopes of the Rhine River Gorges.

There are countless Rhine River castles and German cities you can explore along the trail. What could be more enjoyable than spending a few hours walking and enjoying the sights, followed by a great meal and a glass of wine in one of the medieval towns that still stand on the banks of this romantic river.

For great information and maps of The Rheinsteig Trail here is a site that will tell you everything you need to know.

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