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Enjoy The Very Best Kentucky Cabin Rentals

Renting one of the Red River Gorge cabins can be a wonderful experience. Imagine your beautiful natural wood cabin with a roaring log fire during the cool evenings.
Or sipping your drinks on the sunny deck while taking in the fantastic views. And all you can hear is the sound of running water in the distance and the birds in the trees.

What a way to relax and enjoy a vacation.

But before you go ahead and book one of the Red River Gorge cabin rentals you have a few things you may want to think about.

The first has got to be how close is your cabin going to be to all the things you want to do and see in the Red River Gorge area?

You don`t want to have a long drive before you get to where you want to be. Hey, thats just like commuting back at home. You want to get away from all that!
So find out how close your cabin is to everything. Your rental company will tell you. Better still ask for a map.

Got a dog? Find out if "man`s best friend" is welcome. A lot of the Kentucky cabin rentals are pet friendly, but some aren`t. Much better to find out before you arrive.

If you have kids, are they happy if they have to take a break from technology? Some cabins might not have internet connection or cable TV. But hey, you may be taking a vacation to get away from all that.
You may not be in an area that has a mobile phone reception. Is that going to be important to you? Ask about it.

Where exactly is your cabin located? Are you off the beaten track? Some Red River Gorge cabin rentals can be on dirt roads. Are you going to need a 4x4 to reach it? Is it hard to find? You don`t want to be getting lost, especially at night, if your cabin is in a remote area.

Also the area can be pretty mountainous. If the cabin is located on a steep slope will Grandma manage OK?

Find out about the configuration of the sleeping arrangements.

If the cabin sleeps eight thats great, unless you are a honeymoon couple and Uncle Ben is sleeping on a put-up bed in your room!

Finally. if you are going to be booking online, find out if there is any "feedback" from previous visitors. If there is a long line of happy guests all saying great things then you should be good to go.

If you are looking at cabins for rent in Kentucky then here are some great sites that specialise in cabin rentals.
The first one is RedRiverGorgeCabinRentals the next is and finally

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