New River WhiteWater Rafting Reviews

Hi, here are some New River white water rafting reviews. I have also included some about the nearby Gauley River, I hope you find them useful when deciding which outfit to book with. At the foot of the page I have included links to some of the companies that organise these trips, whichever one you choose I know you will have a fantastic time!

"Excellent service all the way around. They put the groups together well previous to the trip. They stuck us 4 aging kids with 4 college kids from Kent State and we really clicked. We had the good luck to get an August rain shower and the river was rocking. The guide (Steve) judged our ability and any rapids that had two ratings (eg. Class IV or Class V) we took the higher of the two. The New River Gorge is beautiful and you'll have some float time to enjoy it between the 25 Class III to V rapids."
Robalooey. Pinnebog. Michigan.

Here is another one of the New River Whitewater Rafting Reviews.

"Some friends and I planned a trip to Rivermen for our yearly getaway from the wives and girlfriends. The price was very competitive. It cost a total of $780 for 6 of us to share a Hemlock Cabin for two nights, have three meals on the day of the rafting trip and have aguided rafting tour. The "resort" looked very new and clean. The food was surprisingly good and the evening entertainment on the site was actually very fun."
BLC 1411. Virginia.

"When I visited New River Gorge National Park to go white water rafting, I was reluctant and scared out of my mind. I went on a trip with my church's youth group. We stayed in cabins near the river and the day after we arrived we were driven down to the river on buses provided by the campground. The trip was very affordable, and it included everything.

We stayed in cabins on the campground, although for a cheaper price you could stay in tents. We were debriefed about white water rafting and then we were taken to the river. We divided into groups and each group had a guide that was certified in rafting. We went on an eight hour trip down the river, stopping mid-way for lunch. At lunch we had the opportunity to get back on the bus if we were too scared to go on. I was determined to stay, and did. It was an adventure. The rapids were powerful, and in between the rapids was calm water and beautiful scenery of the gorge itself.

Only two rafts flipped that day (neither of which were mine, and neither resulted in any injuries). It was a wonderful trip and affordable. For families, there are tours that include rafting down calm waters that aren't as dangerous. There truly is something for everyone."
Angel. ADC

And here`s another couple of New River whitewater rafting reviews

"Visited with a group of Boy Scouts who chose WV for their summer camp. What a great time Rivermen gave them! The New River whitewater rafting was fantastic as was our guide David."
Boysx3. Southgate. Michigan.

"If you love extreme sports, try the Whitewater Rafting of The New River in West Virginia...The New River is the world's second oldest river and does provide America's best whitewater experience...I will not go into a ton of detail in my review, instead i will defer to the experts...

The New River offers class V & VI rapids that will shake the breath out of you in an instant, and you had better do as your guide tells you or you will be swimming!!!"
Mark Yencha. Ravenswood. WV.

Gauley River White Water Rafting Reviews

"We had a trip planned back east to see Williamsburg. Took one day out of the vacation to go White Water rafting. We had heard from guides in Colorado that they went to West Virginia to raft. Thus we looked on the internet and found a trip with ACE to go rafting on class 4 and 5s on the Gauley River. Since we were coming from Texas, we decided to do the Upper Gauley River twice in one day. We went on 10/12/09 and thus the water was cool but we rented the wet suits. Good decision. The trip left early in the morning to get to the river around 9:00. First trip down was a real rush. Great guide to put the raft in the right spot and make the right commands to keep us upright and safe. Lunch at the falls and then back on the bus to go back to the top of the run. The second run was a little less anticipation but more time to enjoy the scenry and the power of the river. Great time by everyone and well worth the time and effort."
Tom. Texas

"If you're looking for the ultimate river to raft in the US, look no further than the Gauley River. There might be one or two better than the Gauley, but certainly east of the Mississippi nothing can touch it. And make sure you book with Class VI River Runners( First class facilities, first class food, and awesome guides. Read their web site to determine if the Upper Gauley is right for you. I would not recommend it for first-timers. Again, make sure you book Class VI River Runners, they're awesome. I can't wait to go back!
Winston Salem. NC.

"We had run the New River a few times and we were ready for some thing bigger. So we called up West Virginia Adventures and booked a trip on the upper Gauley. We arrived at the campground and set up our tent, and built our fire. The next morning we had a great big breakfast listened to the safety talk and got on the bus to go rafting. We put on below the dam and with our guide off we went. The weather good the water was warm. We made it all the way to pillow rock rapid which is a huge class VI with a rock the size of a house in the middle of it. The water rides up on the rock and makes a pillow. The idea is to touch the rock with your paddle. We all did that even the guide.
B.Morgan. New York

"I just got back from a day of rafting on the Lower Gauley. This is a great trip for first time and repeat rafter's. A couple of comments. The river guides are very safety conscious. Their first priority is to make sure that everyone is safe and adhere to the guidelines. Despite some strong currents, I always felt safe. Best to choose an experienced guide, ie; 5 years plus. Our guide did not have the knowledge that some of the other guides had. I fell overboard once and another person fell out twice. I think a more experienced guide would have been able to navigate the currents, approach the waves using a different angle, etc. Only saw one other person from another raft in the water. I had never fell out of a raft before this trip."
M.S.Gregg. Byron Center. Michigan

Here are some links to a few of the outfits that organise white water rafting trips on these two great West Virginia rivers.

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