New River White Water Rafting.

New River White Water Rafting And Gauley River White Water Rafting. Simply The Best In West Virginia Rafting 

The rafting on these two fantastic rivers is considered to be among the very best in the whole United States. Thousands of visitors every year arrive to experience the thrill of riding these waters

Rafters Return Time And Again To Ride These Two Fantastic Rivers

West Virginia rafting is centred around the New River and the Gauley River which join together a few miles north of the New River Gorge Bridge.

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The New River Gorge National River area covers 60,000 acres of wonderful forests and hills. There are loads of different activities for everyone to enjoy, but it`s for the New River white water rafting trips that most people arrive.

The New River and its close neighbor, the Gauley River, provide the perfect West Virginia rafting experience for every age and ability. The New River white water rafting is generally suitable for families, seniors and children, while the Gauley River white water rafting provides the adrenaline rush for fitter adults and experienced rafters.

These two West Virginia rivers compliment each other in giving the complete package of white water rafting W.V. style.

New River White Water Rafting

The fifty mile stretch of the New River Gorge National River can be divided into two sections. These are the Upper and Lower New River. The Upper New River is in the southern part of the area beginning below the Bluestone River and going north as far as the town of Thurmond.

On this part of the river visitors enjoying New River white water rafting trips will encounter a fairly calm river. 

 Rafting On The Upper Part Of The New River

There are some easy rapids, Class One through to Class Three, that all the family will find thrilling but not scary. Opportunities to swim, fish or stop for a picnic are plentiful.

North of Thurmond the Lower New River begins. Here the New River white water rafting becomes more serious. There are more than twenty five sections where the rapids have a classification of from Class Two to Class Four.

This W.V. white water rafting journey takes you past stunning hillsides of colourful forests, old mining ghost towns and finally under the greatest sight of all, the incredible New River Gorge Bridge.

Gauley River White Water Rafting

The Gauley River in West Virginia is a 105 mile long stretch of water that merges with the New River just north of Fayetteville, West Virginia.

After the two rivers join they become known as the Kanawha River.

Rafting On The Gauley River

Gauley River white water rafting is probably the most advanced white water rafting destination in the eastern part of the United States. The river originates in Pocohontas County and then flows in a general west to south west direction passing through Webster, Nicholas and Fayette counties.

It is in Nicholas County, below the Summersville Dam, that the river becomes such a great venue for W.V. white water rafting.

During most of the year the Gauley River white water rafting conditions depend on the amount of rainfall and the level of the lake behind the dam.

Another Boat Rafting On The Gauley

However, the Friday after Labor Day the dam provides a series of controlled water releases for the sole purpose of downstream recreation.

These releases have become known as the Gauley River white water rafting season. The releases take place on six succesive weekends. This brings huge amounts of revenue into the local economy as thousands of tourists flock to the New River Gorge National River area to ride the waters.

Like the New River, the Gauley has two distinct sections that are great for rafting. Again they are called Upper and Lower.

The Upper Gauley is a stretch of nearly ten miles of water and is the more extreme section for white water rafting WV. There are many Class Four and Class Five rapids. It is on this section that you will find the "Big Five."

These Class Five rapids all have names - they are Insignificant, Pillow Rock, Lost Paddle, Iron Ring and Sweet`s Falls.

The eleven miles of the Lower Gauley has Class Three, Class four and Class Five rapids, but it is definitely the easier of the two sections.

There is a five and a half mile middle section of the Gauley River which is pretty mild. It is often used as either a wind down after the adrenaline rush of the upper section or as an intro to the lower section.

Rafters Enjoying The Upper Gauley

When To Take Your West Virginia Rafting Trip?

Commercial West Virginia rafting trips usually take place in three out of the four seasons from April through to October.

The Spring has the highest water levels after the winter snow has melted. This extra water makes the power of the river even more awesome and provides heightened thrills. The water can still be cold, especially on cooler days or early mornings. It can pay to hire a wetsuit at such times.

New River white water rafting trips between June and August can be a real visual pleasure as well as still providing great excitement. The forests are in full foliage and the beauty of the countryside is all around you. Riding the West Virginia rivers can still be a great experience, but you will be warm and even falling in can be fun!

West Virginia during the Fall is simply incredible. The colours of the trees turn into amazing hues of yellow, orange and red. New River rafting is extremely popular and campsites can be full.

Whichever season you choose, the West Virginia rivers will provide a great thrill for your white water adventure. Remember, many of the outfits that organise white water rafting in WV also provide other attractions as well. You only have to read some of their websites to see all the other excitement that is on offer in the area around Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Who To Choose For Your West Virginia Rafting Trip?

New River white water rafting and Gauley River rafting have been going on since the 1970`s. Some of the outfits organising trips today have been around since that time.

So who should you choose for your WV white water rafting adventure? Well that is a personal choice depending on what kind of vacation and trip you are looking for.

What I have done is put together a list of the outfits and also included a few extracts of reviews from an independant website. Where the reviews have included an organisers name I have retained it for you to see. You will find this information here. I hope it is of some help.

I am sure you will have a great New River white water rafting experience.