Morton National Park

Morton National Park Is One Of The Largest National Parks In New South Wales, Australia

Covering an area of over 1,757 square kilometres, Morton National Park is one of the largest National Parks in the state of New South Wales.

Located about 170 kilometres southwest of Sydney, the park stretches from Bundanoon in the north to just west of Ulladulla in the south and is just east of Bungonia Gorge.

It is an area where nature can be experienced on a grand scale. Although the park mainly consists of flat plateau land, it also contains a large section of the Southern Highlands, with its highest point standing 880 metres above sea level.

The View From Fitzroy Falls Out Over Morton National Park 

One of the major attractions of the park are the wonderful Fitzroy Falls and the nearby Belmore Falls. Both these lovely waterfalls plunge from the flat plateau into valleys that have the feel of being part of a lush rainforest.

The falls were discovered early in the 19th century and named after Sir Charles Fitzroy, the then governor of New South Wales. They soon became a popular place to visit and to this day they remain a great tourist attraction.  

Fitzroy Falls

Close to the falls is a visitor centre with substantial parking and catering facilities.

A number of boardwalks and pathways have also been created to allow easy access to view the cascade as it tumbles into the valley below.

Because of its size the park has more than one entrance point and a small fee must be paid when entering in a vehicle

there are coin operated pay and display machines at the various entrances.

One main road,  which is suitable for 2 wheel drive cars,  runs through the park from east to west between Nowra and Braidwood.

The southern part of the park is adjacent to the Budawang National Park and Morton actually includes a portion of the Budawang Range of mountains.

A famous peak within this range is Pigeon House Mountain. Named by Captain James Cook during his voyage down the east coast of Australia in 1770. Its Aboriginal name is Dithol, meaning "Woman`s Breast" because  of its distinctive shape.

The summit is 720 metres above sea level and has become a popular three to four hour hike from the car park at its base.The panoramic view from the top is truly amazing.  

The Distinctive Shape Of Pigeon House Mountain

The hike up Pigeon House Mountain is only one of several great walking trails within the park. They can range from fifteen minutes to three hours or more.

This site gives more information about the short hikes in Morton National Park.

This map shows the location of Morton National Park in New South Wales, Australia.