Hawksbill Mountain

Hawksbill Mountain Is Found On The Eastern Rim Of Linville Gorge, The Grand Canyon Of The East

Hawksbill is found on the eastern rim of Linville Gorge and although not a tall mountain, being just over 4,000 feet high, it is its incredible location that makes it such a wonderful place to visit.


The panoramic vista from the exposed granite summit at the top of the mountain has to be seen to be believed. On a really clear day it is possible to see the skyline of the city of Charlotte almost ninety miles away.

The mountain gets its name from its profile

which can be seen from some distance away. The jagged granite rocks at the summit stick out to one side and resemble the bill of a hawk.

The slopes of the mountain are a dense mass of trees and shrubs. As well as the colourful rhododendrons, which blossom around May, there are Pine, Hemlock, Laurel and some Dogwood which is the North Carolina State Flower.

A View Of The Mountain Detailing Its "Hawksbill"

There is a trail to the summit which begins from a parking area just of an unpaved road, Forest Road 210 (FR 210) which runs along the eastern rim of the Linville Gorge.

You can reach FR 210 off highway NC 181. The trail from the parking area to the summit is slightly less than three quarters of a mile but it is a steep climb rising about 700 feet in this short distance.

The track is not in a very good condition as usage has turned it into something resembling a trench. In one or two places a short detour is needed before rejoining the trail.

Good walking boots are recommended if you are going to do this short hike.

Once you reach the top of the mountain the views are incredible. To the south you will see Table Rock Mountain and Shortoff Mountain, which are two very popular rock climbing destinations in North Carolina.

Also in that direction lies the beautiful Lake James State Park. To the north is the northern part of Linville Gorge and Sitting Bear Mountain, while to the east is the Pisgah National Forest.

Finally to the west the mountain drops around 2,000 feet into the main part of Linville Gorge.

The short but strenuous hike to the top of Hawksbill Mountain is well worth it for the superb views you will enjoy.