Dunajec River Gorge

The Dunajec River Gorge Forms Part Of The Border Between Poland And Slovakia

If you would really like to experience the culture of Poland, meet the people of the country and see a place that may soon be added to the Unesco List Of World Heritage Sites, then a visit to the Dunajec River and its superb gorge is a must.

A Raft Floats Down The Beautiful Dunajec River

The Dunajec flows through the Pieniny Mountains of southern Poland and forms part of the border between that country and the northern part of Slovakia.

These limestone mountains are quite impressive and are part of the Pieniny National Park. Perhaps the park`s most famous summit is the Trzy Korony, (The Three Crowns) which rise 982 metres above sea level.   

 The Dunajec River With The Trzy Korony Mountain

This picturesque mountain is clearly visible from the river before it enters the Dunajec Gorge and flows between towering vertical cliff walls and hills which soar upwards to heights of 300 metres and more.

The Dunajec River Gorge is a popular tourist attraction in this part of the country and the locals have been organising rafting trips since the 19th century.

The river makes seven wide loops during its 18 kilometre journey through the Dunajec Gorge and the tourists who partake in a rafting trip will enjoy almost three hours of stunning sights before the river reaches Czorsztyn Lake.

Named after a nearby village, this man-made lake was created by a dam constructed across the Dunajec River and completed in 1994.

The lake itself is popular with tourists because of two very scenic castles which lie on opposite sides of the water. 

This Photo From Above Shows The Steepness Of The Gorge Walls 

On the south side of the lake lie the ruins of Czorsztyn Castle which dates back to the 14th century. 

Opposite Czorsztyn is Niedzica Castle, famed throughout Poland for its beauty. Built between 1320 and 1326, this castle stands about one hundred feet above the waters of the lake and is home to much history and many legends, it now houses a museum which is open to visitors.  

Niedzica Castle On Czorsztyn Lake 

For anyone considering tours of Poland, a visit to Pieniny National Park and The Dunajec River Gorge, with its lake and castles, is an experience that will live in the memory for a long time.

This map shows the location of the Dunajec Gorge in Southern Poland