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So what is a 58 year old technophobe - who thought "booting-up" a computer was giving it a good kick - doing building a website?
More to the point, how was he able to do it?

Nearly thirty years of my working life was spent as a salesman. I travelled all over southern England trying to sell stuff I didn`t really like and wasn`t particularly interested in.

But at least I was paying into a nice pension scheme so that when I reached 65 I could retire comfortably and live the good life

Sorry, wrong!

In the year 2000 came the stock market crash, followed a few short years later by the global banking crisis. This wiped out three quarters of my pension fund. But the fund managers still charged me hundreds of pounds every year in management fees. To lose my money!

Due to the legal technicalities of pensions, I couldn`t even get my money out before I was 65. At the rate it was going there wouldn`t be anything left by the time I reached retiring age.

So there I was, "Mr. Angry," looking at working until I died.
Something had to be done!

I had always thought that when I retired I would like to spend a few years in a nice warm climate. To enjoy the heat and sunshine we rarely get here in England. With that plan I had been a sucker for many years for every "get rich quick" (GRQ) scheme going.

If I had put the money I spent on these GRQ schemes into my pension fund, there would have been a lot more for those fund managers to lose!

Then I became aware of the internet. That was the way out of the rat-race. I would get a laptop, sit on a beach anywhere in the world and count my money as it flowed effortlessly into my bank account.

Sorry, wrong again!

It appeared as if every GRQ scheme I had ever heard about had entered the world of computers and been multiplied by a factor of ten.
Did you know that the most popular selling ebooks on the internet are - "How to make money on the internet."
It`s a vicious circle.

But I read everything by the so-called Internet Gurus and continued to dabble in Ebay, Affiliate Marketing, Anything!
Somewhere through this process I heard about a company called Site Build It! I had a look at their site, liked what they said but then saw that they wanted what seemed like quite a lot of money to host the website I would build. That was it. I was too smart for that con. I knew that you could get a site hosted for next to nothing.

So I moved on - fast!

More years were spent searching in the wilderness. Many more GRQ schemes. More money spent trying to learn from the internet gurus.

But deep down, what I had read on Site Build It! about having your own website full of content that people wanted to read about, stuck with me.
Four wasted years later I came back to look at Site Build It! once more

I read through everything on their site. Would it work? Could I do it?
I could just about sell a widget on Ebay. I didn`t know how to "copy and paste." HTML was gobbledygook and I just knew my design and writing skills were schoolboy level.

But I enjoyed the SBI site. I was particularly impressed with the case studies they showed as examples of success, but every site was able to show "the few who made it."

Hello. What was this? It appeared to be a list of hundreds of sites, all ranked by Alexa in the top one percent of the internet, and all made by using SBI.

I looked at the list and clicked on one at random. It was fantastic! I read the "about me" page and related to the story that the website owner told.
I took the plunge and sent her a short email asking about SBI. I felt foolish. I wouldn`t get a reply from someone the other side of the world who didn`t know me. Why would they answer? They wouldn`t get any money from it.

To my complete surprise Birgit Bradtke from Outback Australia Travel Secrets replied within a few hours. She answered all my questions about SBI. I am eternally grateful to her.

The bottom line was this. Anyone could create a website that can be successful if they follow the SBI Action Guide.
Even a 58 year old, know-nothing, technophobic, numbnutz like me, if....

Aha, I quickly thought, there is always an if. Go on, tell me the worst, what is this if?
If you follow the Action Guide
If you work at it consistently, a little at a time
If you have the motivation

Is that all? Well I can do that! I`ve had to follow instructions all my life. And I `ve spent years working hard at a job I don`t really like. And I`ve got bags of motivation to get myself out of the mess my pension fund managers have landed me in.

I can do this!

So I went ahead and did it. I bought the SBI package.
I still expected to be let down. There had been so many other disappointments!

Sorry, wrong yet again!

From beginning to end (well not the end, but where I am now) it has exceeded all my expectations. I wasn`t even sure what I wanted to create a site about. SBI showed me. When I came across any stumbling blocks, all the answers were there. When I felt I might be overwhelmed the SBI forums were there, all people like me. Going through what I was going through and all prepared to help and give advice.

My website journey is only three months old as I write this. I am sure there are many, many sites out there that are far better than mine. But what SBI has done is give me the knowledge that I can keep on doing the right things to make my site a success.
I have got a huge amount of satisfaction from the little I have already achieved and an immense pride in my "baby."

If you have ever thought about creating your own site, but don`t know what about, how to start or even if you can do it - Go to Site Build It!

You will be amazed. Not only by SBI, but by the talent it will bring out in you.

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