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Welcome to a website all about the gorges of the world.

Unless you happen to live close to one of these marvels of nature, and have an interest in them, then I guess you and most other people would have great difficulty in naming more than one or two of the world`s incredible gorges 

And yet nearly every single one of these stunning sites is part of an area that is protected and preserved because of its unique natural beauty.

For example, the Rhine River Gorge in Germany is part of a Unesco Natural Heritage Site, Cheddar Gorge in Britain is part owned by the British National Trust, the American Tallulah Gorge is in a Georgia State Park, Katherine Gorge in Australia is located in the Nitmiluk National Park.... and so on.

Dramatic Sunrise Over Part Of  The Katherine Gorge  

Most of the Gorges of the World have become top tourist destinations.

They have become popular places to visit not only for their truly stunning scenery but also for the amazing range of leisure activities associated with them. These include -  camping, canoeing, caving, climbing, hiking, horse riding, fishing, mountain biking, swimming, white-water rafting, trekking and even base jumping. 

Not only are these gorges visually stunning they are often associated with incredible historic events.

Lewis and Clark, the great American pioneers, travelled through the Columbia River Gorge on their route to the Pacific Ocean. The 15th century explorer John Cabot sailed his tiny wooden ship down the Avon Gorge on his way to discover new lands. The Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar crossed the Rhine Gorge in 53BC. The complete skeleton of an Ancient Man 9000 years old was unearthed from a cave in Cheddar Gorge. The history is endless and fascinating. However, history might not be your thing. What about incredible man-made structures.

Rheinstein - One Of The Many Castles Along The Rhine Gorge 

Gorges of the World are sites for fantastic feats of Engineering

The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River in China is now the site of the largest dam in the world. The world`s first ever bridge made from iron was constructed across the Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire, England.

The fabulous bridge across the New River Gorge in West Virginia, America was once the highest single span bridge on the planet. Now, once every year, it is closed to allow base jumpers to hurl themselves from it to land safely under their parachutes beside the river 876 feet below.

Other gorge bridges include the wonderfully named "Bridge of the Gods" which crosses the Columbia River Gorge. The truly amazing bridge to nowhere crosses the Royal Gorge in Colorado. The famous engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed and built the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge in the Avon Gorge. The list is endless.

The Iconic Bridge In The Avon Gorge

Many of these wonderful gorges are found in places most of us can only dream about seeing. However, through the pages of this site I hope you will join me and visit the incredible Gorges of the World.